Apr 13, 2017

Dungeonbowl 2017

Dungeonbowl 2017

It was that time of the year again and I was looking forward to this year even more because not only was brocCooLi joining me again, but also Duckwing and inforthepain. We had a great weekend and even if I had lost all my games, I would have been happy. It wasn't the case though as I played six very enjoyable games of blood bowl during the weekend.

A dungen full of prizes
The weekend started with a train ride from Berlin do Düsseldorf with Spielmacher and Heroic_Tackle. The 4,5 hours felt like nothing as we played card games and chatted. I think I'll go with the train again next year.

Once at the hostel I talked to people about blood bowl, painting and life until 2 o'clock. So much fun although I stayed up longer than I originally had planned. After a nice breakfast on Saturday it was time for the tournament.


I went with wood elves for this tournament because I was hoping to be nominated for best painted. I wasn't since my team wasn't converted nor had a special theme. I still think that my team was better than some of the team presented, but it wasn't meant to be. I need to add more crude highlights and edge highlights to make my team look better from afar. That's what I've learnt from both Preußenbowl and the Dungeonbowl.

The Eichborndamm Eagles
The roster was more or less the standard wood elf roster, but with a few tweaks.
I went with the extra lineman instead of a catcher as I feel that having three ST2 players is a bit much for my playing style. I'll even go down to one once I've painted the last two linemen.

I also didn't skill both wardancers as they are already a target as it is. It's better to spread out the skills and risks, especially since I play without an apothecary. Thanks to Spielmacher for his advice on this.

Treeman (Guard)
2x Wardancers (Strip Ball)
2x Catchers
Thrower (Leader)
5x Linemen (Wrestle, Wrestle, Block)
2x Rerolls
Assistant Coach

Skill = Day 1
Skill = Day 2

Game 1 vs Dwarves


I kicked to my opponent and our fans decided that it was time for a riot, which I was happy with. I was also lucky since I didn't lose a player in the first (or rather second) turn. After that, I just gave my opponent the blitz and the block on the treeman. The treeman didn't take an action for the first half and tied one or two blockers up as well as acting as a road block. I cut my opponent off with my catchers in the backfield, which meant that he had to blitz one two switch sides. This meant that he was moving from side to side, but never forward.

Elf defense
Needles to say, I stopped my opponent from scoring and he even fouled a lineman on turn 8, resulting in a stun and a send off. Good half!

For the second half, there were 9 elves (8+1 treeman) against 11 dwarves.

I scored in my turn 13 after he backed away too much and left an opening. I had to blitz a troll slayer, stunning him, which meant that I was untouchable. I got a KO back after scoring so it was now 10 vs 11.

Before breaking away
My opponent didn't manage to score in the remaining four turns which would have been extremely hard as I managed to knock down his scoring threat, which he would have had to chain push one square before dodging passing etc.

Turn 16 for the dwarves. Possible, but unlikely
1-0 (0-2)

Game 2 vs vamps


I kicked to my opponent whom also got an extra reroll. He veared to the (my) left and then went back to the right side, but left an opening for me in turn 6, which I took. I blitzed the ball carrier with my strip ball wardancer and got the ball lose. It bounced out and was then thrown in towards my endzone, where it went out again, finally landing on my left side, just next to the sideline.

Just after the ball bounced to the other side (my thrower is closest to the ball)
Players from both teams raced to the left side and after a failed pass to Wilhelm Chaney in the endzone, I could scoop up the ball and throw it for a touchdown in my turn 8.

As we kicked off the second half, the referee was exchanged for a a fan (we both got a bribe) and I stalled the game out, scoring late in the second half.

Elves on their way to 2-0
2-0 (1-0)

Game 3 vs Undead


I kicked and got a perfect defense, which enabled me to not take two mummy hits on the first turn. I tried to stop him from scoring with the column defense, but wasn't successful. I also made a stupid mistake on my turn 7, which more or less opened the path for him to score.

The undead score in turn 8
What I wanted to do was to blitz in a wardancer on to his ball carier to force him to either dodge or blitz the dancer away, but it didn't work since I didn't get the cage corner down. What I should have done was either to go for the strip ball blitz, but it would probably have been better to not blitz at all and just set up a solid columns defense.

0-1 (0-2) in the first half.

As the undead kick off to the 8 elves and the treeman, they rearange their defense, which made me happy about just having three players on the LOS.

After the perfect defense
I had to score quickly (turn 2) and my plan was to try and force the ball out with the stip baller and hope for a draw or a win, if I was very lucky.

I tried to leap in twice, but couldn't make a 3+ with a reroll. I was getting more and more desperate and had to blitz in with a catcher. The catcher made the 5+ dodge and even got the ball on the ground.
If I was lucky, my opponent failed the pick up and I'd have a chance at a draw.

It wasn't to be and the undead picked up the ball the turn after (turn 15) and easily scored in turn 16.

1-2 (1-2)

Game 4 vs norse


I decided to receive the ball hoping to get the first shots in at that AV7. My opponent was quite aggressive in his defense and went out off his way to foul a catcher on my left side. This left an opening in his defense and all I had to manage was a 2+ pass from my thrower to my wardancer. I snaked the pass.

Snaked pass
The next few turns turned in to a scrum for the ball and an ulfwerner eventually caught the ball on a bounce. Said ulfwerner went down my left hand side, but I could blitz him with my strip ball wardancer on a one die.

Getting the ball lose

I then managed to get the ball into the hands of a lineman who ran up the field and eventually scoring.

The lineman at the top of the picture has the ball

I had one player out (CASed) so it was 10 vs 11 for the second half.

As the ball is kicked to the norsemen, a rock is thrown and one of my linemen go down, but he's only stunned. As it turned out, that was good for me, as he was blocking the norse better that way than if he'd been on his feet.

Risky aggressive elf defense
My opponent tried to go down my left side, but I set up a screen, cutting his team in half. I played aggressively as I was trying to force my opponent to score quickly or to make a mistake.

It went better than I thought it would and I managed to knock the ball lose more than once. This however meant that my opponent didn't score early and I had to up the pressure to avoid the score at all as my numbers were dwindling.

I didn't quite make it and my opponent could score in turn 16.

As my opponent kicked off for the last turn of the game, he rolled a quick snap. After a push, my catcher was already in reach of the endzone. All I had to have now was luck. My hopes were quickly crushed by Nuffle as the pick up was a 1.

1-1 (0-3)

Game 5 vs necro


I got the choice of defending or not and decided to kick. The fans rewarded me with some extra support and a reroll. My opponent went down my left flank and I managed to set up a solid defense and have my treeman block the cut back. I then blitzed a zombie away from the treeman and slammed him in to the necromantic team, pinning them between the treeman and the elves. Things were looking up as I had my opponent looked down, but I made a mistake. I placed a lineman to guard against the cutback, but I should have placed him closer to the treeman so that he couldn't be assisted against. My opponent took advantage and blocked the treeman down and blitzed the cut back guard, changing sides and suddenly it was back to the status quo.

The necromantic teams goes down one side
I still put up a good defense and my opponent had to roll dice in order to score in turn 8, but he managed a 3+ dodge and two GFIs for the score.

Turn 8 0-1 (0-1)

I tried for the one turn touchdown, but a snaked leap stopped any chance of an equalizer before the half.

Turn 9, ending in a failed pick up
I managed to sneak past the necromantic team and was in a position to score with a wardancer. All I had to do was make two GFIs. I made the first one with a reroll and debated on still trying for the second one, but in the end, I didn't. It was to risky. One in six to lose the game there and then. Instead, I let my opponent roll the dice and after four block dice, he got the pow he needed. The rest of the half then turned into a scrum for the ball and I managed to get the ball and score in turn 14.

Ball next to the flesh golem
I was hoping to be able to stop my opponent, but as I made a dodge that pesky one starred back at me. This left an opening and my opponent set up a cage in my backfield. I leapt in and stripped the ball away. Here, I made another error. I should have leapt in with the second wardancer as well, scattering the ball, hopefully further out of reach for the ghoul to pick up, which would have resulted in a pass or a hand off play. Now, all my opponent had to do was to block the war dancers away, just needing pushes and then pick up, followed by two GFIs.

Turn 16 1-2 (0-2)

Even though I lost, this was a great game and I wasn't to beat up having lost to one of the guys on Team England.

Game 6 vs Amazons

Up until this game, brocCooLi and I had the same record, 2-1-2 which meant two things. 1, we were paired up against each other and 2, who ever lost this game would be the "Worst Gothenburger", walking away with a medal. The game felt like a final. I was also excited to play brocCooLi as we've never played in a tournament.


The elves kicked off the game as the sneaky amazons moved a bit forward before the ball was in the air.

What hopefully would be a fun and close game soon turned into a slaughter. By turn 2, I had 7 players left on the field.

2 KOs + 2 CAS in turn 2
The only positive thing from this half was the the dirty player was sent off on a double 1 and my war dancers lived to play in the second half.

brocCooLi scores in turn 8
Before the half though, I managed to get the one turner in and we had a tied game on our hands.

1-1 (1-2)

Perfect defense to start the second half

In my turn 10, I saw an opening and I handed the ball off to a wardancer who went in deep into enemy territory. All I had to do now was to set up a screen. First dodge for the screen was a double 1.

This evolved into a scrum in the middle of brocCooLis half.

I did get the ball back after a strip ball wardancer blitz, but lost it again.
This was a nerv wrecking game as the ball possession changed a couple of times.

I dodged a wardancer in and picked the ball up in a tackle zone, then dodge back to pass the ball to a catcher that was in a tackle zone. Interception! Oh no, I thought that I had lost the game.

The ball changed hands again as I managed to leap in with my strip ball wardancer to have the ball bounce into the hands of a catcher, who went off downfield towards brocCooLis endzone. The catcher was then blitzed and brocCooLi rolled a dodge pow + push, rerolled for a double push.

That was the end of it and I could score in turn 15.

The next kick was deep and I could mark both the ball and the scoring threats, but brocCooLi had a chance, but a double skull stopped it all.

2-1 (2-3)

The best game of blood bowl I've ever had!
I can't describe it in words but it was a great finish to an awesome tournament.


This is the most fun I've had in a tournament. Everything was perfect. Great games with fun opponents and late evenings with games, beer and laughter. I hope that next year can live up to this.

I'm also happy with my result, 3-1-2 and the 22nd spot. My loses were close calls, especially game 5. I liked the roster better and will try the seven lineman roster in the next tournament that I take wood elves.

Thanks to the organizers, my opponents and all the attendees for making dungeonbowl great again!
See you in 2018!

Thanks for reading.

Apr 12, 2017



I went to my friend brocCooLis tournament back in March. I didn't take any notes so this will be a short report, but it was a good tournament.


For this tournament each team got 1170k to play around with. I decided to play pro elves, since I would be able to use my elves (and be forced to paint more of them) and because the rules weren't that good for wood elves.

I went with four catchers due to the extra cash even though three are more standard.

2x Blitzers (2x Dodge)
4x Catchers (2x Wrestle, 2x Dodge)
1 Thrower (Leader)
5x Linemen
2x Reroll
Fan Factor
Assistant Coach

Game 1 vs necro

I started the tournament by playing against Skuld to whom I've never lost (before this game I was 1-1-0 against him). Hopefully it would stay that way, but he's a good player and he ended up winning the tournament. I think I was fortunate to play him in the morning as he'd stayed up longer than I had the night before, playing board games at brocCooLis place.

We both made mistakes, but I wasn't punished for mine. He blitzed with a wolf, not realizing that the follow up would be a one die and got a skull (having already used the reroll that turn).

I made an error, leaving a huge gap in my screen, somehow not seeing that two players were three squares apart and not two. After some risky 3+ dodges and dodge with my last player to were the hole was and after filling the gap, that I didn't see, Skuld pointed it out to me. If I had failed any of the risky 3+ dodges in my turn before filling the gap, I would probably not have won the game, but it would rather been a draw.

2-0 (1-2)

Game 2 vs necro

This was a horrible game for me. Nothing went to plan and my opponent Jaqra and I could only watch as the dice decided that the elves weren't going to play at all (failed dodges, CAS etc).

Not looking good for the elves. 5 elves on the pitch for second half
I had five elves on the pitch for the second half and I couldn't do much else but watch Jaqra win the game.

0-3 (0-3)

Game 3 vs vampires

I was up against vampires with Wilhelm Chaney, but his wrestle worked in my favor. My opponent used him to put pressure on me in my backfield as I received the ball in the first half. As he wrestled his target to the ground the elves gather around him and kicked him in the head. The process was repeated twice (I think) and after that Wilhelm decided that he'd take a nap in the KO box. A long nap.

I won the game 2-0 and when I did run the ball in turn 16, there was just a vampire and a handful of thralls left on the pitch to watch.

2-0 (3-1)

Game 4 vs necro

There were four necro teams in the tournament and I had to face three of them (1st, 2nd and 3rd place). This team was coached by inforthepain, a very good coach, but it was a close game non the less.

I started off on defense and managed to contain the necros, but at a critical moment, I rolled a double skull with a blitzer against a flesh golem (2d in my favor) which meant that inforthepain could break through that side and make progress. I still think it was the right call to make the block as the risk of failure was 1 in 36 and anything else would have been fine. This lead to the 1-0 and to add insult to injury, inforthepain made two greed blocks before scoring, a CAS and a KO.

In the second half, inforthepain put me under pressure, but I saw an opportunity to take advantage and break away with the ball in to his half of the pitch, but a failed catch (1 reroll 1) put an end to that plan.

Inforthepain could recover the ball and scored again.

0-2 (0-2)

Game 5 vs norse

This game started out with a blitz for the norse, which saw an ulfwerner blitz a bliter to surf him. Yes, my opponent forgot that they have side step and the ulf was surfed as a respons. The elves stalled it out and scored in turn 8.

Start of the second half
This were looking up and all I had to do was stop the norse from scoring. I got a one die blitz on the ball carrier on my first turn (with a wrestle catcher) and gor the ball on the ground. Sadly, I had to use the reroll on a one for another catcher, that was going for the punt play. Since I had to GFI again to reach the ball, I didn't. In hindsight, I should have gone for that extra GFI, because if I had managed to pick the ball up and punt it, the game would have been over. High reward indeed.

But, it wasn't to be and the norse could pick up the ball again but they couldn't really advance down the field until a turn on which they stunned both blitzers, which made it impossible for me to set up a good defense. My opponent walked down the field and I threw everything I had at him to stop the norse from scoring, but it wasn't meant to be. I couldn't make any 3+ or 4+ dodges with dodge.

1-1 (2-0)

Game 6 vs pro elves

This was a great game against Pellevin, an elf off.
I started off on offense and Pellevin was pressuring me to try and get me to score, but I could stall it out ending the half with 1-0.

In his drive, I got him to score to early and I could then score my second touchdown in turn 15, aided by a pitch invasion that stunned seven out of his elves.

Pellevin almost made the one turner, but failed to recognize that I had positioned a blitzer on the LOS. His set up was not going to cut it unless he got a quick snap. The kick off result was a quick snap and it was almost 2-2 if those goblins hadn't put that trip wire on the goalline. Phew, I came away with the win there, but just barely.

2-1 (2-2)


I really had fun this tournament which was a relief after my last tournament (Preußenbowl III). I enjoyed playing pro elves and I will do so again. I just need to paint another lineman, which is now on my painting table (actually two, to finish the pro/wood elf team).

I ended up in 4th place which I was happy with, but I also walked away with the best sportsmanship trophy which was even better. It was a tie between thenickeninja (vampire player) and myself. Five out of my six opponents had voted for me. The award was awarded to me after a dice off. Thanks to thenickeninja for being such a great sport about not winning the best sport!
Best Sportsmanship Award
Since I won the Gôrgo at gBBg, I'm now considered an honorary Gothenburger and can be awarded the "Worst Gothenburger" Award at any tournament in which two or more people from Gothenburg/Honorary Gothenburgers play. My first chance at one was at the Dungeonbowl this year and what a story that is. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!

Mar 20, 2017

Preußenbowl III

Preußenbowl III

It was the first tournament of the year and as usual for me, it wasn't a good one.
I played wood elves as I wanted to have a shot at the best painted trophy.


Treeman (Guard)
2x Wardancers (Strip Ball, Tackle)
3x Catchers
Thrower (Leader)
4x Linemen (2x Wrestle)
2x Rerolls

Game 1 vs Skaven

Sweltering Heat

As the elves kicked the ball the crowed threw a thrown rock, but it only resulted in a stunned linerat.

Just before the rock hit home. The linerat on the far right was stunned
 It looked good for the elves, but then I got greedy and blocked with the tree, who was holding of four or five rats. In hindsight I shouldn't have made that block as the tree went down and my opponent could move off with the rats. I could however pressure my opponent to score and managed to equalize before the half.

Things were looking up until we rolled for sweltering heat. Four out of my eight elves stayed off the field.
Lazy elves
This combine with lousy KO rolls meant that I had five elves to my opponents eleven rats.
Thins just snowballed from there and needles to say, I lost the game 1-2 (1-4).

Game 2 vs Khemri

Nice weather

I once again kicked off the game (which I was happy to do) and just spent the half defending.
Elves kicking off
I thought I had stopped him in turn 8 (see picture), but he managed to blitz the lone lineman away and got through with a skeleton followed by a Khemri pass and catch. You don't see that every day and I shouldn't have been greedy and placed a catcher in scoring range. Instead, I should have made sure that the passing play would have been even harder.

Khemri pass in the making
I followed his score up with my first ever one turner (not counting throw team mate scores).

I then stalled my half out until turn 15 and my opponent couldn't manage a two turn score (which is quite hard with Khemri).

2-1 (3-0)

Game 3 vs High Elves

Verry Sunny

I received the ball this game and scored late and my opponent didn't even try the one turn score.

I then almost stopped him in his drive, but a quad skull interfered and he could score, but he left me some time on the clock.

I receive the ball and am in a good position. The organizer stops by our table and informs us that we have ten minutes left, so I go for it with the wardacner with the ball. All I needed to do next was to screen him off, but the first screen player rolls a one. Dodge reroll, another one.

All my opponent had to do was knock the wardancer down, but he needed a pow. He get's one on a pow. He however didn't have any players in range to pick the ball up and pass it and as the game would be over anyways, it didn't matter. At least, that's what I thought.

The organizer then stopped by again and this time told us that we could finish our game.
I was pissed. If that had been the case from the beginning, I wouldn't have made that mad dash for the win, but rather played it safe and walked in in turn 16. As it turned out now, my opponent got the ball and managed to score in turn 16, on a long pass.

The quad skulls didn't cost me the game, the organizer did. 
Not fair at all.

1-2 (1-1)

Game 4 vs Necromantic


I must admit that I was tilting after game 3 and played very poorly.
I received the ball and it started to rain.

As my opponent is known for going for most cas, I thought I could up the score a bit and went for a quick score, but everything failed and I lost players and the ball.

Thankfully, I managed to stop him with a few elves and a tree, so the game ended in a draw.

0-0 (1-4)


I ended the tournament on 1-1-2, which I wasn't happy about. Game 3 should have been a win or at least a draw. I've been in the same position as my opponent once and I just shook hands and noted down a draw then. If the organizer changes his mind like that, you shouldn't take advatage of it. My opponent did and it was a loss. Game 4 was my fault. It's important to forget and move on. Each game is a new game. It's good to practice that mindset and that's something I'll take with me from the tournament. Another thing I'll take with me is a roster tweak. I'll go down to two catchers and add another lineman plus a cheerleader and a coach. I feel like the amount of ST2 was just a bit much and it didn't really fit my style of play. I believe that the wood elf roster that would fit me the best would be seven linemen, one catcher, two wardacners and a tree, but I need to paint another two lineman before I can play that roster. Soon though.

I didn't win the best painted award either. I wasn't even in second place.
The way the voting for the teams was set up was flawed, in my opinion. The teams were set up in two rows, my team being behind another team with a wall in front. Also, the organizer didn't inform people of the voting, so I don't think everyone voted.

The dwarf team that won is nice, as long as you stay a feet away form it. There's no blending of the highlights etc. Here's a link to the teams.

All in all, I wasn't happy with the tournament and I didn't really have fun, which is a shame.
I've felt that way about all the Preußenbowls and I'm considering not to attend anymore. The organizer plays music during the games and that with the normal noise creates a headache, which in it's own is reason enough for not attending.

Thanks for reading and I'm sorry for all the negativity. I promise that the next post will be positive.

Jan 13, 2017

A new year, a new season

It's a new year which means a new season for BBBL.

Last season ended with me having to concede the semi final due to scheduling issues and then losing in the game for third place against amazons. It was a weird game with casualties on both sides. Also very close, but the amazons just managed to get away with the W.
This means that my dark elves ended up in fourth place.

Not too happy with that result as I would have played the wood elf team in my division in the semi finals, whom I had beaten three times before. I would rather have played that game and lost in the finals, but that's life.

I was considering taking the dark elves for a second season, but decided against it.
What I wanted to do was to play some slann, since there are some excellent frogs from JBone on the horizon. I however decided against this at the last minute and decided that I'll build that team up first in our open league and paint them first. Who knows, I might play slann 2018.

What did I go for in the end?
Well, I wanted to try something and have thought about it for a while. Halflings!
Would I be brave enough? Would I be able to win a game?

With there being some new coaches in our leauge I thought it was fairer to them, so I went for it!

I ended up in a division with two new coaches, one semi new and one experienced coach.
I'll be facing dark elves, khemri, necro and nurgle. Nurgle being the experienced coach with a monster team on TV1840. Wish me luck!

On the wood elf front, I've painted all the elves for the team and I'm waiting for the temperatures to rise so I can undercoat my treeman. I'm still on schedule to have the team painted for the first tournament (and my 20th) of the year on the 25th of February. Pictures will follow ones the treeman is done (and perhaps some wip pictures as well).

I'll leave you with some wip of the no finished thrower and last lineman.
Thanks for reading!

Nov 21, 2016

XMas Bowl II

XMas Bowl II

It was time for the second installment of XMas Bowl and this time it had grown to four game in one day. I was on the fence for a while regarding what race to take, but finally decided on undead, scene my wood elves weren't quite ready yet.

As the deadline for rosters were pushed forward I had another think about what to take and decided that I wanted to play with the miniatures that were painted. So, I borrowed a treeman from my halfling team and two elves from my pro elf/dark elf team.


2x Wardancers (Strip Ball)
3x Catchers
1x Thrower (Leader)
4x Linemen (2x Wrestle)
1x Reroll

Strip ball and leader were no brainers, but I went with wrestle rather than tackle on the second wardancer because I wanted to spread out the skills and also get two extra pieces, with whom I could safely block.

Without further ado, let's get on with the games (but I didn't take notes, so it will be a brief report).

Game 1 vs Skaven

I started the game by kicking the ball, which I wasn't too sad about. He moved up the pitch fast and scored in his second turn. In those two turns he also managed to use both his rerolls due to a double skull and him forgetting that we had a blizzard. 

For this tournament the weather is either a blizzard (4-10) or nice weather (2-3 and 11-12).
That is also a big reason for me taking wood elves, due to their pure speed.

This meant that I'd have the ball for almost the whole game, if I could hang on to it.
My opponent had chosen block for all of his four gutter runners, which meant that it should be tricky for him getting the ball of me.

He kicked to me and a catcher caught the ball on a high kick and then ran to hide in my backfield.

Catcher with the ball in the backfield
I then just tried to hit as many rats as I could while protecting the ball and moving from side to side.
It worked well and I even injured a linerat, but he had spares, so it didn't really matter in the long run.

He did however manage to make it difficult for me. I had to blitz a thrower away from my ball carrier (the catcher), dodge another catcher out and in to the endzone, then dodge the catcher with the ball out and throw a quick pass to the catcher in the endzone. It worked, even if I started both dodges off with a one.

The second half started with the crowed throwing a stone at a linerat, which was then injured. This meant that I was up on players and could slowly move up the field with the ball and score in my turn 16.

As you can see for the picture, my opponent focused way to much on the treeman trying to take it out with his ratogre (which blocked itself down). I was happy with this, since it left my team free to move around his team.
Elves moving up the pitch
Game 2 vs Ogres

Second game and I was up against ogres. This could be really tricky, if my opponent managed to get my elves off the field. 

I chose to receive the ball, hoping to get a shot in at Grotty, but it wasn't to be. 
Kick off
I scored in my second turn, hoping to steal the ball from him and be up by 2-0, because I didn't think he'd go for the throw that early in the game and even if he would have, that would have either meant that I got the ball back or that I could just pick it up in my backfield.

What happen though, was that I managed to tie him up on the sidelines and steal the ball.
I was then up 2-0 at the break.

The second half was a disaster for my opponent and he just kept rolling 1s.
I stole the ball twice and ended up winning 4-0.

It also put me in second place for most TDs, but as a slann player had won his game by 5-0, it was one TD behind.

Game 3 vs Chaos Pact

I started the game of by kicking and it was a deep kick, which meant that I could get my players between his two lines, i.e. the cage and the LOS players. I even got a shot at the ball with strip ball and the ball was on the ground. My thrower dodged in, and passed it to a catcher, who just needed to catch the ball to run in and score. A 1. Catch skill. Another 1!

A real shame, but nothing I could do about it. My opponent managed to get the ball and ran away from my team. I should have been able to catch him, but I failed a dodge and he could just keep on moving away from my now downed team. It was 0-1 in turn 8, but I still had my one turn TD attempt. 

I set up and should have been able to score, with a bit of luck (GFIs on 3+), but he got a perfect defense and that rendered my chances to less than zero.

As he kicked off the second half, the weather changed to nice and I scored in turn 2. I did so, because I wanted to win the game. Maybe I should have gone for the tie, but I felt like I could do it.

He got the ball and started his turn with a double skull with the ogre. Excellent, I thought, but I didn't manage to get the ball and right when he needed it, he managed to stun all my players, who could safely reach the ball carrier (except for a KOed wardancer). I followed that turn up by failing a GFI for a hit on the ball and he was off again and I couldn't catch him. I tried, but nothing worked. I had two turns ending in missed dodges.

In hindsight, I shouldn't have gone too aggressive after the ogre blocked itself down.
Sometimes it's better to play it cool and get the draw instead of a loss. It could still have turned in to a win, since there was a whole half to play.

Game 4 vs Orcs

I started the game by kicking a deep kick and rolling a blitz on the kick off table. I could have scored in my turn 1, but I wanted to chew up time and decided on stalling. He did blitz the wardancer with the ball and rolled a pow, so I ended up stalling the whole half, i.e. we fought for the ball in his backfield, before I could secure it and just dance around his team.

I then scored fast in my drive, since it didn't really matter if he got the TD in for 2-1 and I had a shot at a 3-0, which would have been good for the most TDs award.

I ended up stopping him (surfing his ball carrier and having a lucky throw in), but sadly, he managed to GFI twice for the hit on the catcher with the ball (see picture, up to the right) and stun him. That meant that I had to go a long way with another catcher for the pass to the wardacner, who was the only player that could score. Sadly, the catcher didn't manage to pick the ball up in a tackle zone and the game ended 2-0.

The last chance for the orcs to stop the 3-0

Wood elves are a fun team to play and I'll play them in my next two tournaments as well (mainly to those tournaments also having best painted awards, which I'll also go for). I should however sometimes just play it cool as I lost game 3 due to it not working out, but it could easily have gone my way with either the catch or the one turner.

Runner Up
I ended up in second place, which I was happy with.
I was one TD short for the Most TDs award, but I was till happy with nine TDs in four games.

Thanks for reading.

Oct 27, 2016



This was my first EurOpen (and Eurobowl) and I was excited to play in my home country, Sweden. The tournament was played in a castle in the city of Örebro. The venue was very good and to be honest, I didn't have any complains on the organization either. The organizers made sure that this was the best Eurobowl it could be.

Our team, the League of Extraordinary Freebooters was made up of JBone, Spielmacher and myself.
JBone was playing dwarves, Spielmacher Lizards and I was playing dark elves. I've played dark elves a lot this year and this was the culmination and hopefully a chance to get back to my NAF-ranking as it was after Stockbowl Cup VI. This was however the first tournament with this roster, which I like more than the standard roster I've been playing before.

4x Blitzers (2x Dodge, yellow ring)
Witch Elf (Wrestle, white ring)
Runner (Leader, dark blue ring)
5x Linemen (2x Block, light blue ring)
2x Reroll
Fan Factor

The idea behind the roster is to not rely on blodge and dodge, but rather block and positioning. It's safer to block with block, if you have a reroll to spare than to dodge with dodge. Without a reroll it's the same risk. Which means that my turns should be safer as long as I have rerolls and I'm blocking with the block players (which is half the team). I've also got less AV7 and an Apo, which should in theory mean that my players stay on the pitch.

Game 1 vs Lizardmen

I was up against lizardmen, which is one of the more difficult opponents for dark elves, due to the speed and strength. My opponent had given block to all his saurus.

I started with the ball and moved from left to right and back again, trying to get a good blitz on him and/or getting him out of position. It was quite uneventful and my opponent played very well, but his Kroxigor decided to go stupid one turn and I used that to my advantage and went for the right hand side. I did however not go all the way, but my opponent over committed and I could go back to the left flank. I based half his saurus, on that side and the rest were to far away to catch up, so it was up to the skinks.

Moving from side to side
The skinks manage to knock the ball lose, but I could recover and score in turn 8.
Ball recovered and in a good position
My opponent scored in the second half, making it a 1-1 game, but I was receiving. I felt quite good about the game, although I was down on players. Maybe I could score or at least keep the ball and stall out the draw. I wasn't meant to be. My runner failed to pick the ball up deep in my half and his skinks moved forward.

Skinks moving in
The turn after, I did manage to pick the ball up, but my plan was to hand it off to a blodging blitzer instead of the runner, to make it more difficult for my opponent to get the ball. I set up a half cage, which the runner would make a corner of (I'd dodge the other corners out if everything went according to plan. I had the option of making a GFI for a hand off or a pass (it was very sunny) on a 3+. I opted for the hand off, but in hindsight, I should have gone for the pass, even if it was more difficult. The reason being, that even if the pass failed, I'd have the ball in a tackle zone (unless I was really unlucky and got a 2 plus a bad scatter for the inaccurate pass). What happened was that the runner missed the GFI, with a reroll and stunned himself. The skinks moved in and picked the ball up. All that could save me was a blitz with the hand off target, the blodging blitzer, but I had to use my last reroll on one of the dodges on the way and of course I failed the last GFI for the actual hit. That was it, the skink ran the ball in and I lost 2-1. It was still a fun and tight game against a great opponent. He played well and we had a laugh. I wasn't too upset.

Game 2 vs Underworld

I was happy to face underworld, since you rarely see them in tournaments. It also felt like an easy opponent due to the AV7. I got the ball first and protected the ball while moving up the pitch, trying to get his players off of it. 
Moving up the pitch
He made an attempt at getting the ball with Skitter Stab Stab, but I dumped the ball off to a lineman and when the stab was a dude, I could just move on up the field and hit Skitter. I never really felt threatened after that and could score in my turn 8. I also got Skitter out (KO), which made me feel even better about the game. 

Moving away from Skitter and his not so useful knifes
He tried the one turn TD, but failed the landing in two tackle zones. All I needed to do now was to stop him from scoring.

He ran up the pitch and set up a screen, using one of his thrower (with leader) as the ball carrier. He tried to set up a screen, but failed to see the 2+ patch through it. I went for it with a blitzer but only managed a push. Reroll, push. He then scored in his following turn, but that left me with too much time. Skitter didn't Coe back, which made it even better, at least in theory.

What did happened though, was that his players started getting my players of the pitch and he pressured me deep in my half, but I could get the ball deep in to his half with a hand off and he was out of position. It was still a close call in the end, since he boxed me in and put a two headed goblin in the way for my ball carrier I had to make a 3+ dodge (with reroll) for the win and it succeeded, ending the game 2-1 in my favor.

Game 3 vs Undead

This was a good game and I started on defense and got a perfect defense, which I then ended up screwing up. I mistook his frenzy wight for his guard wight, but a dodge pow saved my blodging blitzer from being surfed. My opponent then realized that he had to dodge the wight out or get it and a zombie surfed. This resulted in an early turn over, but I couldn't capitalize since he'd moved his players prior to the blitz and was in a safe position.

He played well and I tried to stop him with the traditional elf stall, but I failed a dodge in one of my turns, which meant that he could advance his cage forward. I then tried to make it hard for him to score, but left an opportunity in which he just had to blitz, make a 3+ dodge (with the dodge skill) and a GFI. He scored in turn 8. I could have made it even harder, if I had forgone a block with my runner and instead dodged the runner out to stand behind the blitzer, who was blitzed away. The block was however safer and losing my leader for the second half could have been really bad.

Elves moving up the pitch
It was by no means over though and I got the ball in the second half. I tried to move up my left side, but was stoped. I then moved my runner back to the middle, just behind the LOS. He took a chance and dodged out with a zombie to blitz the runner, who dumped the ball of to one of the block linemen. I then handed the ball to a blitzer in my turn and scored.

This left my opponent with a couple turns to score and my plan was to put him under pressure for the win. I was lucky in that it was a deep kick and I moved up my players to threaten the ghoul who had failed at picking the ball up. This left my opponent with a pass, which he failed. All I had to do was pick the ball up, hand it over and score. It was a series of 2+ dodges, a pick up on a 2+ (after a blitz), a catch in a tackle zone, another dodge and a GFI. I got as far as the 3+ catch, but failed it even with a reroll. My opponent had forgotten to move any players in to scoring range in his 7th turn, so the game ended in a draw, but it was close.

That meant that I had a 1-1-1 record after day one, which I was okay with, but I felt that I could have done better.

Game 4 vs Necromantic Undead

Game 4 saw me up against a Swedish coach, Bim. We've played once, at Stockbowl Cup V, were we drew. She elected to kick, which I was fine with. If I have the choice I usually like to kick, because it's easier to defend with a full team and I know what pace I need to set in the second half.

She moved the ball up towards the LOS and knocked some of my players down and although one was stunned, none left the pitch. I started with the standard elf defense and she didn't get past the LOS. She also left me a gab. A 4+ dodge for a one die hit on the ball carrier. The ghoul didn't have block, so I went for it and managed to knock the ghoul down with a both down (using a reroll) and the ball bounced out to a lineman next to the cage.
Blitzer dodging in to the cage and getting the ball lose
Bim managed to knock the ball lose again, but couldn't get to it and I picked it up again and was off. I scored earlier than I wanted, due to her pressuring me, but I was fine with that since I had suffered a KO (and a badly hurt). We also had sweltering heat, so the number of players that were to be set up could swing in my favor. The sweltering heat didn't do much, but I managed to stop her and could almost score. I got as far as getting the ball on the ground an picking it up in a tackle zone with my runner. Instead of dodging the runner out (I had no reroll left) I decided to pass on a 3+ instead of a 2+, but if I failed my runner would be intact (as well as my leader reroll). I rolled a 2 and the pass was inaccurate, so I was just up 1-0 instead of 2-0.

I got the ball in the second half and moved from side to side, to get an opportunity to break off with the ball and to buy some time. I got a break and could move the ball carrier off and screen him off. Bim put me under pressure and I decided not to score, since I had surfed one of the wolves (and the other one was suffering from the heat) which meant that she didn't have any players there were faster than mine. Even if she got the ball, she wouldn't be able to out run me nor keep it safe. I stalled until my turn 16. She got the ball carrier down once, but I just picked the ball up again and moved off to the other side of the pitch. A bit arrogant perhaps, but even if she'd gotten the ball, she was running out of time and I'd probably win 1-0. Hence, I took risks and trusted the blodge and my screen. It paid of and I won the game 2-0.

Game 5 vs Dark Elves

This was my worst game of the tournament because I played badly. I got the ball to start the game and didn't try to advance at all in the beginning. I just sent a player or two forward, so he'd have to blitz them instead of attacking the ball carrier, but one turn I left an opening and realized just as I ended my turn. He put pressure on me and managed to get the ball on the ground. I recovered and moved up the pitch since he had over committed and was out of position, but it didn't matter. He dodged his witch elf through my screen and hit the ball carrier. This is where I made a huge mistake. I dumped off to an empty square behind the witch elf, close to the endzone. The witch intercepted the ball! I should have dumped it off backwards, towards my players, but I was afraid that it would scatter out, but I guess that it was less likely than the interception.

I got my wrestle witch to blitz the other witch, with the ball and threw two dice at her. I didn't manage to get her down and the blitz went into a one die. I should have rerolled the two dice and I don't know why I didn't. The one die didn't do the trick either, so he could just dodge out and pass and hand off to be on the other side of the field. He eventually score, but he had four KOs, but he got two of them back and then the other two at half time.

Nothing worked an we set up for his drive. He went down the sideline and I put my players at risk, trying to get at the ball carrier (a witch elf) down. He surfed a lot of my players before I could finally get the witch off the field. (It just took me nine block dice to get the ball (including the three from the first half. There should have been a both down or a pow in one of the nine.) Sadly, I didn't have enough players to really protect the ball carrier once I picked it up, but I did my best. Sadly, I missed a dodge as I was trying to get the ball to a blodger and he could pick it up and run in the 2-0.

Game 6 vs Undead

This was probably the game in which I played best. I was facing a good undead coach and kicked to him to start the game off. I defended with the standard columns and it would probably have worked if it wasn't for an error I made in my turn 6.

I had a blitzer and a lineman next to each other and a lineman behind the lineman. The error was that I counted the two squares to the right of the group from the blitzer, which mean that my opponent just needed to blitz the blitzer down to get a line through. He blitzed with a wrestle ghoul and got a push, but rerolled and got the both down. His cage could then move through and stand in front of the endzone. I did try to get the ball by chain pushing the ghoul out next to my witch elf, but didn't manage to get the ball on the ground. I was down 0-1 at the half.

I thought about just going safe and scoring as late as possible, but I wanted to win, so I went for a quick two turn score. I'm quite sure that my opponent was happy with this since it left him with the standard 2-1 grind option.

I kicked the ball to him again and started to defend in columns. He moved forward, but climbed together and I saw an opening. It started with me -2d blocking a mummy and I got the push/dodge pow, so the mummy was pushed backwards, which pushed the ball carrier out next to one of the corners (due to him having surrounded and fouled a stunned player). I then blitzed a zombie and chain pushed the ball carrier back behind his team and based it with two players and surrounded his players. He couldn't blitz the ghoul free and had to go for the dodge. A 2. Dodge reroll. A 2. The ball was on the ground and I could then pick it up in my turn and run of with it. I scored in my turn 16 which ended the game 2-1 for me.

I felt that my defense was strong in this game, except for the mental error in turn 6.

Edit: Since I won the last game, I also won the pitch. A nice bonus to take with me home.
The mouse on the field was also handed out as a goodie as well as a set of block dice.

End of the tournament

Just before all the winners were announced
This was the end of my first EurOpen and I ended on a 3-1-2 record.
Sadly though, I didn't get many NAF-ranking points out of it and my ranking remains below what it was after Stockbowl Cup VI last year. I'd like to get it up, but I don't think I'll play dark elves for a while now.

My teammates ended the tournament on
Spielmacher 4-1-1
JBone 1-1-4

That saw us ending up in 12th place, which we were all happy with.

Thanks for reading.

Oct 20, 2016

Underground Cup II

Underground Cup II

It was time for the second installment of my co-organized tournament and this time around we had 20 coaches, which is a decline from last year, but it was an improvement to last year in terms of venue.

Since I was organizing and playing, I didn't really have time to note down my games and this will be a brief report.

I was playing halflings, since I wanted there to be a stunty cup (or at least I hoped that there would be one, since I handed my roster in before anyone else).

Gesundbrunnen Picknick Packers

2 Trees (2x Block)
10. Halflings (4x Side Step (green ring), 2x Diving Tackle (yellow ring), Sure Feet (white ring))
Master Chef
Assistant Coach

There was one coach brave enough to join me in taking a stunty team and the stunty cup would be won by either halflings or goblins. Let the games begin!

Game 1 vs Norse

I was facing a norse team with just eleven players and if I managed to get them of the pitch, this could work out. My opponent elected to receive and I managed to shut him out in the first half and reducing him down to just six players for the second half.

Halfling defense holding tight
I felt confident that I'd least get a draw out of this game as we started the second half, but that changed fast. I don't know how, but I couldn't pick up the ball and my opponent dodge through tackle zones, picked the ball up and somehow managed to score in turn 16. I lost the game, not a good start to the tournament.

Halflings can't pick up the ball
0-1 (5-3)

Game 2 vs Slann

This was a fun game, but also horrible. My opponent was also playing with an eleven man roster, which made me happy. Frogs without block against three mighty blow block trees? I should have the upper hand when it came to casualties. 

I got to receive the ball and I got one lineman out from the get go. Secured the ball and handed over to my opponent. He just leaped over my screen without any problem. I thought I had him, when he leaped a blitzer over my diving tackle and then dodged away, but he managed to roll a 5 on the reroll. Darn. He knocked my ball carrier down and leaped a catcher over my screen, dodged into two tackle zones, picked the ball up and dodged out. It was a series of 4s, 5s and 6s, just when he needed them. He scored in his second turn, because I couldn't get the catcher down with three block dice (blitzed with Puggy against a catcher with dodge). Frustrating, but such luck couldn't possibly continue, right?

Just before the frogs steal the ball for the first time
Second kick off and he does the same thing and by turn 4 or 5, I'm behind by two TDs. At least I'm up on casualties and my hope was that he'd run out of players, so I could at least tie the game.

I managed to score the 1-2 and he was running out of players, but I didn't manage to score again and the game ended 1-2, but it was close and exciting until the whistle was blown.

1-2 (4-1)

Game 3 vs Skaven

Skaven is one of the teams that I don't like to face with halflings, due to their speed and that proved to be the case in this game as well. I defended and shut him out in the first half, but a gutter runner managed to get the ball from me in the second half and scored at the end of the game. A fun and close game against a rookie tournament player.

0-1 (4-1)

At least I was up on casualties and actually in the lead for most CAS. Having lost all my games so far, I should be up against a soft team and I might be able to score even more casualties. Yeah, that's the plan, let's go for most CAS.

Game 4 vs Dwarves

How can you be on the bottom table and face dwarves? I was not liking this match up, but it proved to be a game in which my luck turned. The game started with a pitch invasion and I had +2 FAME. Eight dwarves were stunned. 8!

Pitch Invasion!
With such a lucky start, I managed to shut him out in his drive and then scored in mine. Also worth noting is that I managed to CAS three dwarves. 3!

1-0 (3-3)

Game 5 vs Dwarves

Facing dwarves twice in a row isn't really what you want as a halfling player. This was the first game in which I didn't stop my opponent from scoring in his/her drive. My opponent scored in his turn 6, which left me with enough time to score an equalizer before half time.

Jelly Nelson on his way to scoring the equalizer
I received the ball in the second half and my opponent was very aggressive, leaving me little room to run. He did however overcommit. I managed to get my ball carrier next to a tree, free the tree with a blitz and then throw the halfling with the tree. An okay scatter and some dodges later, he was screened of from almost the whole dwarf team. There were two longbeards who could reach the ball carrier, but they needed to dodge. To make it even more difficult, I dodge Puggy through his line and managed three 3+ dodges to be in a position where only one of the longbeards could reach Jelly Nelson with the ball. If I had gone for a fourth dodge, he would have been out of reach for the whole dwarf team, but I didn't want to push my luck any further. The longbeard dodged out, GFIed twice and knocked the ball lose. 
I had a second chance, to pick up with a halfling, but didn't manage the pick up in a tackle zone. My opponent then picked the ball up, KOed or CASed the players who could reach the dwarf with the ball and scored the final touchdown in turn 16. What a close game and I'm still debating if I should have made the fourth and final Puggy dodge.

1-2 (0-6)

My opponent later got Most CAS. His skill choice was 6x mighty blow and yes, he was thrilled to have faced halflings.

Game 6 vs Humans

This game was against my co-organizer Spielmacher, who had to fill in for day two. We play a lot of games against and they're all fun games. So was this one.

I managed to yet again stop my opponent from scoring in his drive (first half). It was pouring rain, which helped neither team. I did however managed to pick the ball up on a bounce in the second half, but spent to much time trying to be safe, that I didn't make enough progress forward. The game ended 0-0.

0-0 (3-3)

I was happy with how I played, stopping my opponents in all but one game. I just need to work on my offense. It was fun playing halflings again after a couple of tournaments with dark elves.

Here are some pictures from the tournament

The prize table
Players in action on table 2 and 3
Players in action
Worth noting is that the winner of the tournament, Melisqus had a 6-0-0 and won Most TD, with dwarves! Very very impressive.

What's next?

EurOpen is almost here. I'm leaving for Sweden tomorrow and will be playing in the EurOpen with Spielmacher and JBone. I'm taking dark elves, but with a different build this time.

4x Blitzer (2x Dodge)
1x Witch (Wrestle)
1x Runner (Leader)
5x Linemen (2x Block)
2x Reroll
1x Fan Factor

I've tried this roster in a couple of games and I like that it's more resilient and less "all eggs in one basket". Wish me luck!

Practice game vs Spielmacher

Wood Elves

A quick update on the wood elves, which are still on track for being painted for the first tournament of the year, next year. Preußenbowl on the 25th and 26th of February

I'm currently working on the wardancers

and here's the rest of the team
Thanks for reading!